Here is her story with photography

A photographer passionate of life, people, animals and nature. Melanie likes to bring out the spark of each one of us. She is very structured in everything she does, but she knows that there is always room for a touch of madness to embellish the whole. Since her childhood, Melanie has photographed everything she wanted to keep in mind. Her goal, immortalize images and views that some did not take time to watch!

A photography graduate in 2006, her tenacity pushed her to learn more and she is still hungry for new projects. Is there something new to discover or new projects to realize? Well, she’s always going! She loves her job because it allows her to meet passionate people from different backgrounds. She likes the fact that photography serves to share points of view and subjects that would have been impossible to see without it.

Whether to showcase your products and services offered, unique works you have created, document an important event or immortalize one of these magical moments of life, Mélanie Emond Photographer offers you her professional services of photography and photo editing. Mélanie will take charge of your project from start to finish, according to your requirements. Here is the progress of your photo project: imagined, realized and perfected to your taste!

A photograph made by a professional is more than just a picture, it is your unique trademark, the link between you and others. Above all, it is a good investment in the long term. So, take the choice now to stand out and differentiate yourself!